Camera Trainee - Drama/Comedy


I have worked on location as a camera trainee, and am hopeful to move up to working as a clapper/loader.

My first on-set experience was working on Waterloo Road, shadowing the camera team. More recently, I worked on Stella Series 1, and ITV's Jambusters.

As a result I can get to grips with a team very quickly. I'm well versed in the duties of a trainee, and the roles of the rest of the team, as well as set etiquette and the rest, but I also find the most productions work slightly differently, so I'm also quite flexible.

I was very appreciative to get to the interview stage for the skillset camera trainee placement scheme. This was both encouraging and daunting. I'm based in the North West and London, if you'd like to test me out, My contacts are at the bottom left of the page.