Promotional Video
Smaller, cheaper cameras have enabled any business or organisation to get themselves on video. But often, to have the best impact, or to portray the organisation properly, the same skills that are used in broadcast television have to come into play. Below are some examples where I've given organisations something they can use to easily communicate what they're about to newcomers.
National charity CTC are running the space 4 cycling campaign, asking for 5 basic objectives to enable everyday cycling. This is a video of the demonstration at the Labour party conference, summarising the points in a concise way and bringing through the fun and excitement of the gathering.
Mark Devereux was promoting his first collection of works. Starting off with a short 5 day gallery showing, he wanted to have something to show for it afterwards.

This piece was filmed in short sessions over two days, giving the artists a little break from the build, and capturing the opening night.
Part of a series of videos exploring healthy eating, the challenge was to try to make these videos as engaging and appealing as normal food programming. These were filmed to immensely tight deadlines, but I managed to work in the occasional shot that showed off the food.
I tried with this video to put across an impression of what it is like to be in this choir. Thankfully the Choir director was very articulate and passionate.